I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Tulane University and a Research Affiliate with the IZA Institute of Labor Economics

From August 2018 to July 2019, I will be on research leave from Tulane and will be a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Study of Aging at the RAND Corporation.

My research primarily focuses on: 

1) Quantifying discrimination, primarily in labor markets. I am working on field experiments that quantify hiring discrimination faced by older workers, Indigenous Peoples, and Arabs and Muslims. I am also studying discrimination in mortgage lending and in access to healthcare.

2) If age and disability discrimination laws actually reduce employment discrimination. I am currently working on a project that investigates how changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act have affected employment, earnings, and Social Security Disability Insurance application/receipt for individuals with disabilities.

3) How tax incentives for economic development affect where firms operate, using tax incentives for the film industry as a case study.

My research has been published in journals such as the Journal of Political EconomyIndustrial and Labor Relations Review, and the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.