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* = Student co-author

Journal Articles, Peer-Reviewed

Neumark, David, Ian Burn, and Patrick Button. "Is it Harder for Older Workers to Find Jobs? New and Improved Evidence from a Field Experiment." Forthcoming in the Journal of Political Economy. 
[Online Appendix] [Pre-Publication Version] [Working Paper: NBER Working Paper #21669]

Button, Patrick. "Can Tax Incentives Create a Local Film Industry? Evidence from Louisiana and New Mexico." Forthcoming in the Journal of Urban Affairs. 

Johnson, Lindsay*, Michael Spanbauer*, and Patrick Button. "How Valuable are National Parks? Evidence from a Proposed National Park Expansion in Alaska." Forthcoming in the Journal of Parks and Recreation Administration.
[Pre-Publication Version] [Online Appendix]

Neumark, David, Joanne Song, and Patrick Button. 2017. "Does Protecting Older Workers from Discrimination Make It Harder to Get Hired? Evidence from Disability Discrimination Laws.Research on Aging, 39(1): 29-63. 

Button, Patrick. 2016. "Model Averaging and Model Uncertainty in Regression Discontinuity Designs.Journal of Econometric Methods, 5(1): 103-116. 
[Pre-publication version (see Chapter 1)]

Neumark, David and Patrick Button. 2014. "Did Age Discrimination Protections Help Older Workers Weather the Great Recession?" Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 33(3): 566-601.

AEA/AER Papers and Proceedings

Button, Patrick, Philip Armour, and Simon Hollands*. 2018. "Disability Saliency and Discrimination in Hiring." AEA Papers and Proceedings, 108: 262-66.

Neumark, David, Ian Burn, and Patrick Button. 2016. "Experimental Age Discrimination Evidence and the Heckman Critique.American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings), 105(5): 303-08.

Book Chapters

Button, Patrick. "Population Aging, Age Discrimination, and Age Discrimination Protections at the 50th Anniversary of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act." Forthcoming in Czaja, Sara J., Joseph Sharit, Jacquelyn James, and Jim Grosch (Eds.) Current and Emerging Trends in Aging and Work. Springer: New York.

Policy Briefs, Reports, and Testimony

Button, Patrick. 2017. "Seniors for Hire? Age Discrimination, 'Sex-Plus-Age' Discrimination, and the Effectiveness of Age Discrimination Laws." Prepared as written testimony for the EEOC public meeting on June 14, 2017, entitled "The ADEA @ 50 - More Relevant than Ever."

Neumark, David, Ian Burn, and Patrick Button. 2017. "Age Discrimination and Hiring of Older Workers." Federal Reserve Board of San Francisco Economic Letter #2017-06. 

Button, Patrick. 2014. "Age Discrimination and the Great Recession." Federal Reserve Board of San Francisco Economic Letter #2014-10.

Manuscripts Under Review

Neumark, David, Ian Burn, Patrick Button, and Nanneh Chehras. 2018. "Do State Laws Protecting Older Workers from Discrimination Reduce Age Discrimination in Hiring? Evidence from a Field Experiment." NBER Working Paper #25369. Resubmitted with revisions to the Journal of Law & Economics.

Button, Patrick. "Do Tax Incentives Affect Business Location? Evidence from Motion Picture Production Incentives.Preparing revisions for resubmission to Regional Science and Urban Economics.

Manuscripts in Progress

Button, Patrick, and Brigham Walker*. "Employment Discrimination Against Indigenous Peoples and the Labor Market Impacts of Indian Reservations: Evidence from a Field Experiment." 

Button, Patrick, Philip Armour, and Simon Hollands*. "A Comprehensive Analysis of the Effects of US Disability Discrimination Laws on the Employment of the Disabled Population."

Burn, Ian, Patrick Button, Luis Munguia Corella*, and David Neumark. "Ageist Language in Job Ads and Age Discrimination in Hiring: Evidence from a Field Experiment."

Khan, Mashfiqur, and Patrick Button. "Do Stronger Employment Discrimination Protections Decrease Reliance on Social Security Disability Insurance? Evidence from the Social Security Reforms."

Balfe, Cathy*, Patrick Button, Mary Penn*, and David Schwegman*. "Sexual Orientation, Gender, Pregnancy, and Parental Status Discrimination in Mortgage Lending: A Field Experiment."

Button, Patrick, Philip Armour, and Simon Hollands*. "Do State Disability Discrimination Laws Increase Employment for Individuals with Disabilities?"

Button, Patrick, Joanna Lahey, and Emmarose Glaser*. "Hiring Discrimination Against Arabs and Muslims: Evidence from a Field Experiment."