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I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Tulane University, a Faculty Research Fellow at the NBER, and a Research Affiliate at the IZA Institute of Labor Economics.

I primarily research discrimination, especially in employment, and especially based on age and disability. I research discrimination two ways:

(1) I quantify discrimination using audit field experiments.

I previously studied hiring discrimination against older workers using resume experiments, where we applied for jobs as younger and older workers to study age discrimination in hiring. I am also researching discrimination against LGBTQ+ people in access to mortgages and multiple types of discrimination in access to mental health care.

(2) I determine the effects of discrimination laws. 

I use variation in time and across states in discrimination laws to see if these laws improve employment and hiring. I also study how discrimination laws affect Social Security Disability Insurance applications for older workers and individuals with disabilities. 

In other research, I quantified the (lack of) economic impacts of tax incentives for the film industry, by comparing filming location choice, employment, and business growth in the film industry and related industries after states adopted these aggressive subsidies.



* = Student / post-doc co-author

Age and Disability Discrimination in Employment


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Tax Incentives for the Film Industry

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Other Research on Discrimination

Button, Patrick, and Brigham Walker. 2019. “Employment Discrimination Against Indigenous Peoples in the United States: Evidence from a Field

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Other Research

Johnson, Lindsay,* Michael Spanbauer,* and Patrick Button. 2019. “How Valuable are National Parks? Evidence from a Proposed National Park

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Button, Patrick. 2016. “Model Uncertainty and Model Averaging in Regression Discontinuity Designs.” Journal of Econometric Methods, 5(1):103-16.

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In Progress

Button, Patrick, Philip Armour, and Simon Hollands*. "A Comprehensive Analysis of the Effects of U.S. Disability Discrimination Laws on the

Employment, Earnings, and Social Security Use of the Disabled Population."

Balfe, Cathy,* Patrick Button, Mary Penn,* and David Schwegman*. "Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Mortgage Lending: An Audit Field


Button, Patrick, Eva Dils,* Luca Fumarco,* Benjamin Harrell,* and David Schwegman*. "Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, and Racial

Discrimination in Access to Mental Health Care: Evidence from a Field Experiment."


Urban Economics (ECON 3320)

Fall 2020

Urban economics studies how economics applies to geography, such as issues at regional or local levels. Topics covered include finding and using geographical data, crime, agglomeration, economic development incentives, housing, neighborhood effects, and discrimination. Students will also learn the intuition behind how economists analyze policies or programs using statistical analysis.

Labor Economics (ECON 3810)

Fall 2020

Labor economics studies labor markets. Topics covered include finding and using population and labor force data, labor supply, labor demand, economic models of the labor market, employment discrimination, and labor market policies (e.g., EITC, minimum wage). The course will also include a short introduction to using STATA to conduct research in labor economics. Students will also learn the intuition behind how economists analyze policies or programs using statistical analysis.

PhD Econometrics III (ECON 7175)

Spring 2020

The course covers methodologies that would be in any empirical microeconomist's “toolbox”. These include regression control, instrumental variables, experiments, panel methods, difference-in-differences, and regression discontinuity design. The course will cover the basic theory, applications, and best practices. Students will put this into practice with actual data sets and applications, using STATA.



6823 St. Charles Avenue, Tilton Hall 205, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118